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Inline Hockey is an awesome sport! It’s fast, fun, and on wheels – what could be better 😃. It’s also not full-contact (like Ice Hockey) and has good safety gear, meaning injuries beyond the odd minor knock or bruise are rare.

The 2023 Dev Squad is kicking off on 19 October!

2023 Dev Squad
The Dev Squad is a great way to start out – essentially we kick off a cohort of kids who are just starting out, to practice together and learn the fundamentals. They don’t need to be particularly good to start with – just keen 😊.
Inline Hockey doesn’t have games every week – they do mini-tour
naments every few weeks instead. However the Dev Squad focuses on skills development, then moving to the full teams later. They will get opportunities to play this year though!

Who is it for?

Kids from 5 to 15 are welcome at Dev Squad!


There are 2 training sessions a week, a main session on Thursdays at Kilbirnie and an informal "get on your skates" session on Sundays.

  • Thursdays, 5:30-6:30, Kilbirnie Recreation Centre
    This is the main Dev Squad session, fully coached and in conjunction with the Capital Penguins club. If you can only attend one session, this is the one to attend.

  • Sundays 3.00pm-4.00pm, Maungaraki Hall, Lower Hutt (optional)
    We do the extra "on your skates" session in Maungaraki, Lower Hutt on Sunday to help them come up to speed a bit quicker – before the free-skate Rollers session on Sundays (so they can stay from 3pm to 5pm if they want). It’s optional, but is a great session to come to – we’d recommend they come to both!


The cost is $50 per term to cover costs – it’ll be invoiced from the club in due course. Note there are no club membership dues for the Dev Squad and we'll provide loaner gear!

You can also try the first 3 sessions without cost or commitment.

What are you waiting for?

It's super fun, fast, and they can try it before committing. Come and give it a crack!


Registering indicates acceptance of the Penguins Code of Conduct.

Or Contact Us for more info :)

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